CTC Louisville, Colorado, Boulder County manufacturing, office and warehouse space for lease and purchase

Helpful Links

City of Louisville:

City of Louisville Commercial Guidelines (pdf)

City of Louisville Industrial Guidelines (pdf)


    • To find out what is under consideration with regard to new development.
    • To research the city requirements for tech or industrial development.
    • To look at the planning and zoning requirements of the city.
    • To monitor the city government.

Louisville Chamber of Commerce:


A good site to find out about the general attitude of the area with regard to development. A lot of information is provided about the companies in the city as well as demographics and employment of the area.


Louisville Colorado:


This site is a commercial advertising site that has a lot of information for someone who is considering a move to our area. Lots of data with regard to the city and the surrounding area including school and shopping. A site where people can find housing real estate information to pre shop before coming to the area.

When you get on the site go to the “Search” box and type in “Louisville CO”


Boulder County Assessor:


This is a site you may want to visit to check the assessed value of either commercial or residential property you are considering or to check on the fairness of your assessment.

    • When you get there go to property records.
    • Then you will get to a disclaimer page, click on the “yes” , this will get you to the property search.
    • Key in the street or property address you are interested in. Do NOT type in CAPITAL LETTERS or things like (dr., St., rd., ct.,) after the name or it will not be able to find the property you are looking for.
    • When you type in “taylor” you will get addresses on Taylor Ave. in Louisville and Taylor Rd. in the mountains as well as Taylor Mt. Drive in Longmont.
    • A lot of good information if you are interested.
Colorado Tech Center, Louisville, Boulder County