CTC Louisville, Colorado, Boulder County manufacturing, office and warehouse space for lease and purchase

Minutes of Board Meeting Thursday, ApriI13,2006 10:00 AM

lA meeting of the Executive Board of this association was held at the office of Andrew Freeman Property Advisors, 6800 79th Street, Suite 200, Niwot, CO 80503.

Executive Board Members Present: Dan Stiehr (D4J Enterprises, LLC), Steve Meyers
(CTC Industrial, LLC & CTC Office, LLC); Andrew Freeman and Gary Myre (FCF Properties,
LLC) .

Executive Board Members absent: None

Others present: Carla Wilson, Property Manager (Cottonwood Property Services, LLC); Pat Donavan (O'Connor Development, LLC); John King and David Cramer (SecurCare Self Storage, Inc.)

Business Conducted:

SecurCare Self Storage Project at CTC
John King and David Cramer with SecurCare Self Storage, Inc. requested a few minutes of the Boards time to present their project, which was recently rejected by the City of Louisville Planning Board. They presented their revised site plan with the hopes of gaining the Board's support of the project.

A discussion was held regarding whether or not the Board should write a letter to the City of Louisville showing support for the SecurCare Project. Andrew Freeman made a motion to take a vote regarding the same. Dan Stiehr seconded the motion. A vote was taken and the Board unanimously agreed not to take a position either way on this project.

Resignation of Gary Bir
A discussion was held regarding the resignation of Gary Bir, President. The Board unanimously agreed not to replace Gary at this time. A new Board member will be elected at the next annual meeting of this association.

Andrew Freeman made a motion to elect Gary Myre to serve as president for the remainder of 2006. Dan Stiehr seconded the motion. A vote was taken and passed unanimously.

Declarant for the Association
Andrew Freeman requested clarification as to who is the "Declarant" for the association. Paragraph 2.6 of the Bylaws of this association states ""Declarant" shall mean and refer to the parties named as Declarant in the Declaration, their successors and assigns." The association is the Declarant.

Architectural Review Committee
A discussion was held regarding the Architectural Review Committee and process. Currently there are no members of the Board on this Committee. Gary Myre, President, will now serve on this committee. Gary will receive a set of plans to be reviewed. The remaining Board members will be notified of all projects in the park.

Fiber Ring at CTC
ICG Communications is in the process putting together some numbers regarding what it would take to get fiber in the park. Gary Myr will contact ICG and encourage them to move forward with their investigation. ICG needs to know more about the park to see where they may be able to tie into. Carla Wilson suggested Gary contact Jim Burton to see if he has any knowledge regarding locations that ICG may be able to use to bring fiber to the park.

Theft in CTC
Carla Wilson received a call from Ron Lever regarding the theft that has been occurring in the park. According to Ron's conversation with the City of Louisville Police Department there is a theft ring working the Louisville, Lafayette and Broomfield areas. The thefts are occurring in the evening and weekends when most of the business in the park is closed. A memo will be sent out to all of the owners asking them to be on the look out for any suspicious activity and to contact the Police immediately.

Update on Landscape Project
Carla Wilson contacted Jim Burton regarding an update on the final phase of the landscape project at the Dillion Road entrance. Because this year's project is a small job Jim has been having a hard time finding companies to bid in this size job. Carla Wilson provided Jim with the contact information of the landscape company doing the maintenance this year. Jim will contact them to obtain a bid from them as well as Landscape Concepts, the contractor that was awarded the contract last year.

Update on Website
Dan Shier gave an update on the website. There has not been much done on the site since the last Board meeting in February. Dan would like to get an emaillist of not only the owners but the tenants in the park. A suggestion was made that may be we could hire intern to do the research. Dan mentioned that this may be something that Margit may be able to do. Dan will talk to Margit before looking into an intern.

Meeting was adjourned. The next Board meeting will be scheduled for the end of June. The date and time will be determined at a later date.

Daniel H. Stiehr, Secretary




Colorado Tech Center, Louisville, Boulder County