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Meeting Date: April 27, 2004 10:00 a.m.

A meeting of the Executive Board of this Association was held at the offices of O'Connor Development, LLC, 6685 Gunpark Drive, Suite 210, Boulder, CO 80301.

Executive Board Members Present: Chris Boston
Chris Wecker
Gebhard Buggel
Steve Meyers
Daniel Stiehr

Others Present:
Carla Wilson, The O'Connor Group

Business Conducted:

Election of New Officers:

President - Chris Boston
Vice President - Gebhard Buggel Secretary/Treasurer - Steve Meyers

Discussion regarding the association paying taxes. Steve Meyer will do more research regarding this issue. Contacts regarding this would be Don Kanieck with Kaniecki & Associates, CPA and Bruce Joss, attorney for the association.

Update / questions from Jim Burton:
Does the board want him to continue managing projects for the association?

Does the Board want him to proceed with projected of redoing the islands at the Dillion Road entrance? (Budget for project is $15,000)

Does the Board want to him identifY any warranty issues with the landscape planting completed last fall. Follow-up with Urban Farmer to ensure resolution of any issues prior to the expiration of the one year warranty period.

The Board authorizes Jim Burton to continue in the management capacity and to continue with the above listed issues. Carla Wilson will contact Jim to let him know to proceed with projects.

Chris Boston will contact the City of Louisville regarding the refund of fees and get back to the board.

Chris Wecker will do research on website design companies so we can move forward with updating the website.

Meeting was adjourned.

Steve Meyers Secretary / Treasurer



Colorado Tech Center, Louisville, Boulder County