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Minutes of Board Meeting April 28, 2005 11:00 AM

A meeting of the Executive Board of this association was held at the office of Gibbons White, Inc., 2305 Canyon Blvd, Boulder, Colorado 80302.

Executive Board Members Present: Chris Boston (The Boston Family, LLC); Dan Stiehr (D4J Enterprises, LLC), Steve Meyers (CTC Industrial, LLC & CTC Office, LLC); Gary Bir (Simon Christensen Partnership), Andrew Freeman, FCF Properties, LLC)

Executive Board Members absent: None

Others present: Jim Burton (Corporate Realty Solutions); Carla Wilson, Property Manager (Cottonwood Property Services, LLC)

Business Conducted:
Update on Landscape Project by Jim Burton

Jim obtained 3 bids: Urban Farmer (contractor that did the previous work) _ high bidder High Plains - middle bidder
Landscape Concepts _ low bidder - contractor awarded job

Landscape Concepts bid was $12,876. This is a saving of approximately $7,000 of budget, which was $20,000. The original scope of work was to do only the east side of the sign along Dillion Road. Because of the savings, Jim requested Landscape Concepts give him a price on completing the project by going ahead and doing the west side. Their price was $12,000. Jim asked the Board how they would like him to proceed. (1) We could spend the $7,000, already in budget, to do as much as we can for that amount then finish the project next year. It may cost a little more doing it that way; or (2) is there any room in the budget to put toward the landscape project to complete the job? The additional amount needed would be approximately $5,000. After discussing the options, the Board asked Jim to give them until the end of next week for the decision.

Update on Website by Dan Stiehr

The current web designer is not doing anything on the site. Chris Boston and Dan Stiehr met with Margit Mestdagh of Web Yodel. They are considering having her take over the design and construction of the website. Dan mentioned by changing design companies the cost may be more than the $2,500 budgeted. Reviewed suggestions made and discussed. Chris and Dan are to schedule a meeting with Margit Mestdagh to set priorities for the 2nd quarter. Andrew Freeman asked for a copy of Margit's resume or websites addresses that she has designed. She verbally gave Dan and Chris her background. Dan provided the information to the Board. Dan also provided her website address, which is www.webyodel.com.

Chris Boston made a motion to approve Jim Burton to move forward with the landscape project using the $7,000 budget savings and do as much of the west side as possible. The scope of work for next year will be to finish the west side and complete the project. This will allow the contingencies funds available if the website costs are higher than budgeted.

Gary Bir brought up the issue of people driving to fast in the park. He has also witnessed people blowing through the stop signs causing accidents. He asked if there is anything we could do. Carla Wilson will contact the City of Louisville to see what can be done. If nothing else, maybe they will patrol more often.

No other business was discussed at this time. The meeting was adjourned.

Daniel H. Stiehr, Secretary



Colorado Tech Center, Louisville, Boulder County