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Minutes of Board Meeting Thursday, July 20,2006 10:00 AM

A meeting of the Executive Board of this association was held at the office of Freeman Myre, 6800 79th Street, Suite 200, Niwot, CO 80503.

Executive Board Members Present: Dan Stiehr (D4J Enterprises, LLC), Steve Meyers (CTC Industrial, LLC & CTC Office, LLC); Andrew Freeman and Gary Myre (FCF Properties, LLC)

Executive Board Members absent: None

Others present: Carla Wilson, Property Manager (Cottonwood Property Services, LLC)

Business Conducted:

Signage at Entrances
Kevin Hamilton, Branch Manager of Rexel, contacted Dan Stiehr regarding addressing the Board about additional signage at the entrances to the park. Kevin was unable to attend the meeting to present his ideas however the Board had a brief discussing regarding the issue. If Kevin is suggesting a monument sign listing the companies in the park this probably would not work do to the number of companies. Andrew Freeman brought up the idea of possibly a map instead. Dan will talk to Kevin to get more information on what his ideas are. The Board will come back to the next meeting with their ideas.

Theft at CTC
A discussion was held regarding the thefts in the park. The police are patrolling regularly but have made no arrests. They have suggested the association may want to hire a security company. Carla Wilson will research security companies, the services they provide and costs. Carla will communicate her findings to the Board via email.

Prairie Dogs
Dan Stiehr brought up the issue of the increasing population of prairie dogs in the park. A discussion was held as to whether or not the association should do anything. This issue is a difficult issue to deal with. The board decided this should be an owner issue. Andrew Freemen suggested this issue be on the agenda for the annual owners meeting.

Fiber Ring at CTC
ICG Communications was bought out by Level 3. Andrew Freeman spoke with their representative and they are going to the City of Louisville to get more information on the park. They are gradually moving forward with bring a fiber ring to the park. Andrew should have more information by the annual meeting.

Update on Landscape Project
Carla Wilson contacted Jim Burton regarding an update on the final phase of the landscape project at the Dillion Road entrance. The project has been delayed due to the high temperatures we have had this year. The project will be completed as soon as weather allows.

Update on Website
Dan Shier gave an update on the website. Dan has been working on gathering information on the companies located in the park. The list currently consists of 138 companies. Dan will have Margit put the information we have on the website. Dan will continue working on the list including contact’s email address and the company’s website address, if they have one.

Meeting was adjourned. The next Board meeting will be scheduled for the end of September. The date and time will be determined at a later date.

Daniel H. Stiehr, Secretary



Colorado Tech Center, Louisville, Boulder County