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CTC Owner's Association, Inc.

Minutes of August Meeting

Meeting Date: October 19th, 2004, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

The August CTC Owner's Association board meeting was held at the offices of Gibbons White, 2305 Canyon Blvd., Suite 200, Boulder, CO 80302.

Executive Board Members Present:
Chris Boston, Steve Meyers, Dan Stiehr, Gebhard Buggel

Executive Board Member Absent: Chris Wecker

Others Present:
Lori Perry, The O'Connor Group

Business Conducted:

Lori Perry updated the board on the O'Connor Group's decision to decline the offer to present a proposal for ongoing property management services. The group discussed several alternatives. Gebhard, Steve, and Dan all said they had interest in providing the service, but they were reminded there was a conflict of interest for board members. Chris Boston said he had a contact that was provided by Jim Burton. Lori informed the group that Carla Wilson was also interested in providing the service on a contract basis. Steve Meyers said he would take responsibility for contacting Carla and the contact provided by Jim Burton. The board agreed to try to have a replacement decided on by December 1, 2004.

Lori briefly reviewed the 2005 proposed budget but because the O'Connor Group is in the process of upgrading their accounting system, she was only able to pull the financial report shortly before the meeting. Therefore, she could not explain all of the budget vs. actual variances. Consequently, she agreed to research the discrepancies and send an email within the week outlining the 2004 financials in order to approve a 2005 budget.

Dan Stiehr expressed his concerns that the CTCOA was not being effective and following the by-laws word for word. In addition, he expressed his desire that the board provide more than the traditional functions of day to day operations. He would like to see the board provide more of a marketing role such as meeting

with organizations in the community to promote the Colorado Tech Center. Chris Boston suggested he take over the President's role in 2005, so that he could play a key role in implementing the changes he feels are important to the association. Dan said he was not interested in the President's role but would provide suggestions at the next meeting as to how the board could be improved.

Chris Boston reviewed the progress on the website and informed the group he chose Marc Ginsberg to update the website. Gebhard made several suggestions that he would like to see implemented with the website such as getting brokers to pay for website links. Chris offered to set up a meeting with the webmaster for people to provide their content and suggestions.

Lori provided a brief description of the insurance renewal and obtained signatures for the application.

Gebhard brought up the CTCOA Annual Meeting, which the board scheduled for 10:00 am to 12:00 pm on December 7th, 2004. Chris agreed to check and see if the association would be able to use the auditorium at Inovonics where the meetings is traditionally held. Gebhard said if Chris had trouble to contact him for alternatives.

The meeting adjourned at 11:55 pm.


Steve Meyers Date
Secretary / Treasurer



Colorado Tech Center, Louisville, Boulder County