CTC Louisville, Colorado, Boulder County manufacturing, office and warehouse space for lease and purchase


Addressed to: All property owners

Subject: Architectural Control and Review

The Declaration of Protective Covenants for the Colorado Technological Center requires that no improvement shall be commenced, constructed, placed, erected or maintained upon any Building Site, nor shall any exterior addition to or change or alteration thereof be made, unless and until complete construction plans and specifications therefor shall have first been submitted to and approved in writing by the appropriate property owners’ association and the City of Louisville.

In order to comply with the aforementioned requirement and to enforce the covenants, the CTC Owners’ Association has appointed an Architectural Control Committee (the “ACC”) and has established the following procedures.

  1. The architectural review by the owners’ association will be limited to that required by the covenants for the Colorado Technological Center.
  2. The property owner will be required to submit one complete set of plans for review (including the plan review fee) as follows:
    • New development…at the time of PUD submittal to the City of Louisville.
    • Addition to existing…at the time of submittal for building permit.
      Attached is a checklist for your use to ensure a complete set of documents are submitted as required
  3. The plans and plan review fee are to be submitted to the Property Manager for the owners’ association, who will then forward the plans to the architect for review and action. The plans and plan review fee should be forwarded to: Mathew Mendisco, CliftonLarsonAllen LLP, 8390 East Crescent Parkway, Suite 500, Greenwood Village, CO 80111
  4. The plan review fee schedule is as follows:
    • Within thirty (30) days of the submittal date to the City of Louisville…$300.
    • The fee will increase by $300 for each additional thirty days past the submittal date to the City of Louisville.
    • The maximum fee will be $3,000 at which time the fee will convert to a lien against the property.
    • The fee will be calculated based on the date of the complete submittal to the Property Manager. Make sure you utilize the checklist and submit all documents required so you do not incur a higher fee due to the submittal of an incomplete package.
  5. The review architect is currently McMenamin Design Associates, located in Louisville, Colorado. The review architect will review the plans in accordance with the covenants and return the plans and their analysis and recommendations to the Property Manager within the timeframe required by the covenants. The timeframe required by the covenants does not commence until the complete set of documents is submitted.
  6. The Architectural Control Committee will review the analysis and recommendations of the review architect and issue a form letter to the City of Louisville regarding the proposed project. The form letter will indicate one of the following: i) no objections to the project as submitted or ii) objections to the project with details noted. In addition, the ACC will return the plans to the applicant with a letter indicating approval of the plans or denial with specific details. The ACC will contact the applicant prior to the response to the City if the plans are denied as submitted.


Colorado Tech Center, Louisville, Boulder County