CTC Louisville, Colorado, Boulder County manufacturing, office and warehouse space for lease and purchase

CTC Owners Association

This website is presented by the CTC Owners Association Inc.   Our goal is to maintain and enhance the common Colorado Technology Center area. We promote the further orderly development of the park to maintain and foster an attractive technology and manufacturing atmosphere. We provide an attractive setting for companies to locate their businesses to Colorado.

We hope you will find the provided information helpful in choosing a new home for your business within our park.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding buying or leasing any property at the CTC.

If a are a current owner or lessee at the CTC and would like to bring any issue to the attention of our Colorado Tech Center.

Board of Directors

Derek Conn
Jim Burton
Jerry Moore
Cyndi Thomas
Steve Koonce

Property Manager

CTC's property manager is a paid professional who maintains the owners association books. The duties include maintaining an accurate record of all owners and managers of property, and the percent of ownership of the park, calculating dues, sending statements, receiving all payments and paying all bills incurred by the owners association. The property manager also maintains the minute books and acts as recording secretary at board meetings, regular or special. The property manager is a good source of information about the history of the park and where to get further information.

CTC Owners Association, Inc.
Chuck Reid

Direct 303-265-7914
Email chuck.reid@claconnect.com




Bylaws (pdf)

Policies and Procedures
Policy and Procedures Adopting Procedures for the Conduct of Meetings (pdf)
Policy and Procedures for Adoption and Amendment of Policies, Procedures, Rules, Regulations, or Guidelines and for Establishment of Committees (pdf)
Policy and Procedures for Collection of Unpaid Assessments (pdf)
Policy and Procedures for Covenant and Rule Enforcement (pdf)
Policy and Procedures for Inspection and Copying of Association Records (pdf)
Policy and Procedures Regarding Board Member Conflicts of Interest (pdf)
Colorado Tech Center Owners Association Proxy (pdf)

Architectural Review Process and Applicant Submittal Checklist


CTC Owner Association Board Meeting

The next  scheduled board meeting is on April 25, 2019 at 3:00 p.m..  The meeting will take place at Community Food Share located at 650 South Taylor Avenue, Louisville, CO 80027.

CTC Owner Association Minutes of Board Meetings (minutes or packets can be viewed by clicking on the links when green)


Board Meeting, January 24, 2019
Board Meeting, April 25, 2019 (Packet)
Board Meeting, July 25, 2019
Board Meeting, October 24, 2019


Board Meeting, October 4, 2018
Board Meeting, August 23, 2018
Board Meeting, May 31, 2018
Board Meeting, March 21, 2018


Board Meeting, November 16, 2017
Board Meeting, May 18, 2017
Board Meeting, March 1, 2017


Board Meeting, July 25, 2016
Board Meeting, May 23, 2016
Board Meeting, May 18, 2016
Board Meeting, February 19, 2016
Board Meeting, February 4, 2016


Board Meeting, December 10, 2015
Board Meeting, May 1, 2015
Board Meeting, March 23, 2015
Annual Meeting, February 6, 2015
Board Meeting, January 6, 2015


Board Meeting, December 16, 2014
Board Meeting, September 4, 2014
Board Meeting, July 8, 2014
Board Meeting, April 1, 2014
Board Meeting, January 30, 2014
Board Meeting, January 20, 2014


Board Meeting, December 18, 2013
Board Meeting, September 27, 2013
Board Meeting, July 12, 2013
Board Meeting, May 15, 2013
Annual Meeting March 20, 2013
Board Meeting March 18, 2013


Board Meeting May 23, 2012
Board Meeting March 27, 2012
Annual Meeting February 8, 2012


Board Meeting November 3, 2011
Board Meeting September 14, 2011
Board Meeting March4, 2011

Annual Meeting February 23, 2011
Board Meeting February 3, 2011

Board Meeting July 31, 2010
Annual Meeting February 10, 2010
Board Meeting February 3, 2010


Board Meeting December 8, 2009
Board Meeting August 10, 2009
Board Meeting April 3, 2009
Annual Meeting February 17, 2009
Board Meeting February 3, 2009


Board Meeting June 19, 2008
Annual Meeting January 30, 2008


Board Meeting December 14, 2007
Board Meeting August 1, 2007
Board Meeting March 20, 2007
Annual Meeting January 30, 2007


Board Meeting December 18, 2006
Board Meeting July 20, 2006

Board Meeting April 13, 2006
Board Meeting February 9, 2006


Annual Meeting December 8, 2005
Board Meeting August 30.2005

Board Meeting April 28, 2005
Board Meeting January 14, 2005


Annual Meeting December 9, 2004
Board Meeting October 19, 2004
Board Meeting August 4, 2004
Board Meeting April 27, 2004


Annual Meeting December 3, 2003

CTC Owner Association Financial


2019 Budget

2018 Budget

Financial Statements with Compilation Report

Financial Statements 2018-12-31
Financial Statements 2018-09-30
Financial Statements 2018-06-30
Financial Statements 2018-03-31

Additional Information

For planning and zoning information, Building Dept. Public works, Louisville Chamber of Commerce, the County Treasurer to be able to check assessed values and taxes please go to the CTC's Links Page.


Colorado Tech Center, Louisville, Boulder County