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There are many transportation options to the Colorado Technology Center.  The park is served directly by RTD’s Louisville Call-n-Ride, and is located within biking distance to Louisville, Lafayette, Broomfield, Superior, and Boulder.  Read on to learn more about transportation options to the Colorado Technology Center, including transit, carpool and vanpool, bicycle, and telework.

If you are interested in receiving a free commute informational rack in your office, or installing carpool preferential parking, or have questions about transportation options, please contact 36 Commuting Solutions at info@36commutingsolutions.org.


The RTD Louisville Call-n-Ride provides direct service to the Colorado Tech Center.  RTD Call-n-Ride is a call-ahead, on-demand transit service providing curb-to-curb transportation from the U.S. 36 & McCaslin Park-n-Ride to your office building, and vice versa.  One-way cash fare is $2.25 or free with fare transfer.  Schedule a trip on the Louisville Call-n-Ride by calling 303.434.8960.

US 36 & McCaslin Station Park-n-Ride is located at 7931 Marshall Road, at U.S. 36 and McCaslin Blvd. 

Use the RTD Trip Planner to plan your door-to-door transit trip and view How to Ride to answer any questions about riding the bus or paying your fare.  For more information, visit rtd-denver.com or call 303.299.6000

RTD Specialty Services:

  • Try RTD’s SkyRide service for convenient, affordable transportation to Denver International Airport.   
  • RTD Bike-n-Ride program makes it easy to combine transit and bicycling.  All buses except the Denver 16th Street Mall shuttles are equipped with bike racks.  Plan your bicycle trip with Bike 36, a regional bicycle map for the U.S. 36 corridor. 
  • RTD Access-a-Ride provides transportation to passengers with disabilities who are unable to use regular buses and qualify under the guidelines established by the American Disabilities Act (ADA).  Call 303.299.6560 for more information.
  • RTD Seasonal Services provide transportation from Superior to sporting events including Rockies, Broncos and University of Colorado football games, and the Eldora Mountain Resort.

RTD Employer Pass Programs:

  • EcoPass:  EcoPass is an annual transit pass purchased by an employer as a benefit for employees.  EcoPass provides up to one calendar year of unlimited Regional, Express, Local bus and light rail service.  EcoPass holders pay $5.00 for SkyRide service to Denver International Airport (DIA).  EcoPass also includes the benefit of the Guaranteed Ride Home program, which provides free taxi service in the event of an emergency or an unexpected change in work schedule.  EcoPass is valid every day of the year.
  • FlexPass:  The FlexPass program allows employers to purchase monthly bus passes for only the employees who want one.  The FlexPass program includes three available discounts:  10% subsidy-match discount, 5% pre-tax discount, and 5% quantity discount (for employers purchasing 200 or more passes each month).  Employers are required to sign a 12-month agreement with RTD defining the discounts that the employer will offer to employees.  RTD will coordinate pass orders and delivery.
  • Employer Sales Outlet Program: RTD brings delivers passes to you, making the purchase of items like monthly passes and 10-Ride ticketbooks convenient for employees. RTD Employer Sales Outlets are designed for companies that purchase (or have employees who purchase) more than 20 passes each month.  Each month, an RTD courier will deliver your passes between the 15th and the 21st of each month; the courier will also retrieve any unsold passes from the previous month.

Carpool and Vanpool

Carpooling is two or more people going together in one vehicle to their destination.  Carpooling is easy because few people are involved; a carpool is flexible and can usually accommodate everyone’s needs.  In a carpool, you save on gas and reduce wear and tear on a vehicle.

  • 36 Commuting Solutions offers free online carpool-matching.  Visit our carpool-matching website at mywaytogo.org to log your trips and be connected with other commuters interested in carpooling who share similar work hours and trip points.  If you would like to establish a carpool network for your business, allowing employees to search for co-workers to carpool with, please contact info@36commutingsolutions.org.
  • SmartTrips, a service of the North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization, provides free online carpool matching for residents in the North Front Range region.  Call 800-332-0950 to get started.

Do you drive more than 15 miles to work?

You are an ideal vanpool candidate.  Vanpooling is a great choice for commuters who travel longer distances and vanpooling consolidates commuting costs into a single monthly payment.  If you're interested in learning more (including a cost estimate for participating), contact jade@commutingsolutions.org.

What is a vanpool?   A vanpool is a formal arrangement among five or more people who commute more than 15 miles one-way to work.  In exchange for a monthly fee shared by all vanpoolers, the program provides a vehicle, insurance, maintenance and fuel.

How much does it cost?  Vanpool pricing varies depending on the length of trip and number of people sharing the van.  Most vanpools receive a subsidy from Way to Go that covers up to 60 percent of monthly commuting costs.  In general, the monthly cost is significantly less than the monthly cost of fuel for driving your own car to work.  Joining a vanpool reduces wear and tear on your personal vehicle, the amount of money you spend on gas, and can lower your insurance premiums.

What if I need to leave early or work late?  All vanpoolers are covered by the Guaranteed Ride Home program, which provides a free taxi ride in the case of a personal or family emergency or unexpected overtime.

Interested in learning more?  Email jade@commutingsolutions.org.

  • SmartTrips VanGo provides vanpool services and matching for North Front Range residents.  Call the Program Manager at 970-221-6859 to join or start a vanpool.  Monthly fares vary depending on participants’ pick-up and drop-off locations.  


There are many bike routes to complete your trip to the Colorado Technology Center, including the Coal Creek Trail between Lafayette, Louisville, and Superior.  Dillon Road west of Highway 287 to McCaslin Boulevard includes a wide paved shoulder, and 95th Street, just west of the Colorado Technology Center, includes a paved shoulder for bike access.  Additionally, all streets within the Colorado Technology Center easily accommodate bicycles.

Bike 36 is an online, interactive bicycle map for the U.S. 36 corridor to help plan your route.  Print copies are also available; please contact info@36commutingsolutions.org to receive a free copy.  Visit 36commutingsolutions.org for this and other bicycle resources. 

Consider pairing your bicycle trip with transit!  RTD’s Bike-n-Ride program makes it easy to combine transit and bicycling.  All buses except the Denver 16th Street Mall shuttles are equipped with bike racks. 


Telework brings work to employees through technology rather than bringing employees to work by traveling. Teleworkers are employees who work at home one or more days each week instead of commuting to the office.   Employers that offer telework programs benefit from increased employee productivity, reduced overhead costs, and decreased demands for office and parking space.

The Denver Regional Council of Government provides free telework consultations to metro Denver businesses.  For more information, please contact Catherine at info@36commutingsolutions.org.

Get Paid for Your Commute on US 36

Colorado Tech Center is partnering with 36 Commuting Solutions to provide cash incentives for new ways to travel along the corridor.

Through the Curb Your Frustration campaign, 36 Commuting Solutions is offering cash incentives to reduce traffic congestion. Those who drive alone can apply for a free RTD 10-ride Regional Ticket Book worth $45 just to ride the bus. Carpool applicants can apply with 36 Commuting Solutions and use MyWaytoGo.org to log eight round trips over two months for their $75 carpool incentive. For those interested in a vanpool, 36 Commuting Solutions can coordinate with vanpool providers in the region. Applicants receive a $75 subsidy toward one month of their vanpool provider's bill.

Navigate to 36commutingsolutions.org to fill out a quick application for these cash incentives. You’ll also find the latest information about construction updates on their homepage.


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